It’s ALL About Mark!!!!!

MARK MARK MARK MARK MARK! I’m not trying to sound

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like a bitch…but I’m

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going to take a month off answering any message I receive with questions about Mark! Go ask Mark about Mark!

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  1. Jared
    Aug 14, 2011

    Your strory is real interesting, that movie depicts you a bitch but i dont believe it. How much of it is true? Thanks

    • Erica
      Aug 14, 2011

      Thanks! They totally made me look like a bitch! It’s totally not true! Thanks for your vote of confidence!! :)

      • Jared
        Aug 15, 2011

        Hey no problem, so hows that show their filming going? Couldnt imagine cause my girlfriend cant even stand being videotaped for 5mins let alone 6 months! She’d kill someone!

        • Erica
          Aug 15, 2011

          Oh it’s over. It was SO lame! I got so irritated at having cameras around 24/7! It makes me feel bad for those people on Big Brother! Ha, once I had a wedgie and I went to pick it because I forgot the cameras were around….oops! I hope they have good editing! :) NEVER AGAIN!!!

  2. Martina
    Dec 8, 2012

    Hi Erica, I haven´t seen the movie, just few scenes of it and I really liked it, though I really don´t believe that Mark is such an asshole as depicted in the movie. When I see video interviews with him, he just comes of it like a very shy or unsociable, childlike, awkward kind of a guy – tho a super smart one. I don´t doubt, however, that he can be a bitch sometimes (esp. in business matters), and I totally believe that he could have done the things like those in the film. Still don´t think that he is a bad person, tho. But you know what keeps on coming to my mind when I watch the vids with him? And I´d realy LOVE to know: does he have Asperger´s syndome, was he ever tested for it, or did he ever consider having it? Because to me, he totally seems like an Aspie. You know, I have Asperger´s myself, and though I have learnt how to read people very well, I can´t see their INTENTIONS, have the same fathomless expression on my face, have a monotonous voice sometimes, can´t lead the trash talk, etc. He seems to have the same problem. Did you ever notice anything like this when you two were together? Thanks for answering my Q. I see you are very open so I hope you won´t be offended it.

  3. Cap
    Jun 10, 2013

    Quite the opposite.By I don’t think it made you look like a bitch at all….if anything I think it made him look like a genius and a social moron at the same time. I have two friends that are social morons. One is a genius and well off, but has horrible social skills. He’s an ass to women and people not as smart as he. In fact the only reason he probably has friends at all is because we’ve known each other since childhood. Just don’t worry too much about the movie depicting you that way….there’s a huge crowd out there that thinks

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